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Afore's Network of Operator Titans at a Glance

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aj frank.jpeg

AJ Frank


Angel - Director of Product at Facebook

Previously: Director of Product at Dropbox; GM of Vine at Twitter, BizDev at Google

allison barr allen.jpeg

Allison Barr Allen


Angel - Trail Run Capital

Previously: Co-Founder & COO at Fast, Head of Global Product Ops (Money Team) at Uber

allison pickens.jpeg

Allison Pickens


VC - Founder & GP at The New Normal Fund

Previously: COO at Gainsight, EIR at Bessemer, Consulting at Bain & BCG

amber illig.jpeg

Amber Illig


VC - General Partner at The Council Capital

Previously: Program Management Lead at Cruise, Snap, Apple

andrew endicott.jpg

Andrew Endicott

#Fintech #Fundraising

VC - Co-Founder & GP at Gilgamesh Ventures

Co-Founder and President at Petal (raised $750m+), Investment Banking at Lazard

ankur pansari.jpeg

Ankur Pansari


VC - GP at Divide by Zero, VP at Bling Capital

CEO at Purplemana, previously: Head of VC / Startup Partnerships at Google

badrul farooqi.jpg

Badrul Farooqi


Angel Investor

Previously: Product at Figma & Square, QA at Teespring, Hook Studios, Expedia

chris fong.jpeg

Chris Fong


Angel - Founder at

Previously: BD & Partnerships & Sales at Google, Marketing Manager at Expedia

dan rumennik (cropped).jpg

Dan Rumennik

#Product #Operations

VC - Co-Founder & GP at AirAngels

Previously: Global Operations at Airbnb, VP at Toptal, Product at WalmartLabs

david ongchoco.jpeg

David Ongchoco

#Growth #GTM

VC - Co-Founder at Comma Capital

Growth & Marketing at Rutter, previously: GTM (Sales & Growth) at Amplitude

em herrera.jpeg

Em Herrera


VC - Investor at Night Ventures

Founder at The Wiress, previously: VC at BBG & Harlem, Marketing at NBC & Boston Globe

hayden simmons.png

Hayden Simmons


VC - General Partner at RaliCap

Previously: BizDev / Strategy at Facebook, Migo, Juvo,, Crossboard Mobile

itamar novick.jpeg

Itamar Novick

#BizDev #Finance

VC - Managing Partner at Recursive Ventures

Previously: Chief Business Officer at Life360, VC at Canvas Ventures, Product at Gigya

ivan kirigin.jpeg

Ivan Kirigin


VC - Founder at

Previously: Product at Lyft (Level 5) at Dropbox, SWE at Facebook and iRobot

karine hsu.jpeg

Karine Hsu


Angel - Partner at Slope

Previously: Growth at Verishop, CEO at And Comfort (YC S17), Strategy at Affirm

kelly graziadei.jpeg

Kelly Graziadei


VC - Founder & GP at F7 Ventures

Previously: Director of Product Marketing at Facebook, MD Account Mgmt at Yahoo

kintan brahmbhatt.jpeg

Kintan Brahmbhatt


Angel - Co-Founder & CEO at

Previously: GM & Co-Founder of Amazon Podcasts & Head of Amazon Music

nitesh banta.jpeg

Nitesh Banta


Angel - Co-Founder & CEO at B12

Previously: Co-Founder at Rough Draft Ventures, VC at General Catalyst

rex salisbury.jpeg

Rex Salisbury


VC - Founder & GP at Cambrian

Previously: Fintech Partner at a16z, Product Engineer at Checkr and Sindeo

rohini pandhi.jpeg

Rohini Pandhi


Angel - Product Lead at Block

Previously: Product Manager at Pubnub, Rackspace, Nodeable

sameed musvee.jpeg

Sameed Musvee


Angel - Strategic Finance at Chime

Previously: Sr Mgr Finance at Doordash & AppNexus, Associate at Wells Fargo & Citi

somrat niyogi.jpeg

Somrat Niyogi


Angel - Head of BizDev at Gusto

Previously: VP BizDev at Clari, CEO and Co-Founder at Stitch and Miso

sri batchu.jpeg

Sri Batchu

#Growth #GTM

Angel - Head of Growth at Ramp

Previously: Head of Growth at Instacart, VP of Operations at Opendoor

sriram krishnan.jpeg

Sriram Krishnan

#Growth #GTM

VC - Investor at Kearny Jackson

Previously: Growth at Spotify & Tinder, Advisor at Notion, Figma, AngelList, Calm

tim chen (cropped).jpg

Tim Chen

#Engineering #DevTools

VC - GP at Essence VC

Previously: Eng Leader at, Tendermint, Cloudera, Co-Founder at Hyperpilot

turner novak.png

Turner Novak

#Consumer #Commerce

VC - Founder at Banana Capital

Previously: Investor at Gelt, Founder at TDN Capital, Investment Analyst at Van Andel

william smith.jpeg

William Smith


VC - Investor at Octave

Previously: Product at WeWork, CEO & Chairman at Euclid (acq by WeWork)

venky karnam.jpeg

Venky Karnam

#Engineering #DevTools


Previously: Eng at Google, AdMob (acq by Google), Yahoo

wiz abdulla.jpeg

Wiz Abdulla


VC - Co-Founder at Spacecadet

Previously: Serial founder (Hazel, Rise People) of HR and people startups

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