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Afore's Network of Pre-Seed Titans at a Glance

Angels and VCs who invest early with conviction, and have years of experience helping founders at the pre-seed stage

andrew endicott.jpg

Andrew Endicott

General Partner @ Gilgamesh

Co-Founder & GP @ Gilgamesh Ventures (NYC fintech VC), prev Co-Founder @ Petal (raised $750m+)

badrul farooqi.jpg

Badrul Farooqi

Angel Investor

Prev Product @ Figma & Square, QA roles @ Teespring, Hook Studios, & Expedia

dan rumennik (cropped).jpg

Dan Rumennik

General Partner @ AirAngels

Co-Founder & GP @ AirAngels, prev Growth & Corp Dev @ Airbnb & Toptal, Product @ WalmartLabs

david ongchoco.jpeg

David Ongchoco

Co-Founder @ Comma Capital

Co-Founder & Comma Capital, Growth & Marketing Lead @ Rutter, prev GTM @ Amplitude

em herrera.jpeg

Em Herrera

Investor @ Night

Investor @ Night Ventures, Founder @ The Wiress, prev @ Harlem Capital & BBG Ventures

hayden simmons.png

Hayden Simmons

General Partner @ RaliCap

GP @ RaliCap, prev BizDev @ Facebook (Novi), Migo, Juvo, Crossboard Mobile

itamar novick.jpeg

Itamar Novick

Managing Partner @ Recursive

MP @ Recursive Ventures, prev Chief Business Officer @ Life360, Investing & Canvas Ventures & Upwest

nitesh banta.jpeg

Nitesh Banta

Co-Founder & CEO @ B12

CEO @ B12 & Angel Investor @ Stellar Capital, prev VC @ General Catalyst & Co-Founder @ Rough Draft Ventures

sri batchu.jpeg

Sri Batchu

Angel Investor

Head of Growth @ Ramp, prev Head of Growth @ Instacart, VP of Operations @ Opendoor

sriram krishnan.jpeg

Sriram Krishnan

General Partner @ Kearny Jackson

GP @ Kearny Jackson, Investor / Advisor to Notion, Figma, AngelList, Calm, prev Growth @ Spotify & Tinder

tim chen (cropped).jpg

Tim Chen

General Partner @ Essence VC

GP @ Essence VC (infra-focused early-stage fund), prev SVP Engineering @ Cosmos / Tendermint

turner novak.png

Turner Novak

Founder @ Banana Capital

Founder @ Banana Capital (writing $250-750k checks in Pre-Seed and Seed consumer & software startups)

wiz abdulla.jpeg

Wiz Abdulla

Co-Founder @ Spacecadet

Co-Founder @ Spacecadet, prev Co-Founder & CEO @ Hazel, Co-Founder & CMO @ Rise People


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